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This Transformational Classical Model is adapted for each scholar based on his or her level of mastery. Alyssa is now excited about school again.

- Carrie Hill

This [model] has been amazing for my kids, it made them eager to learn and excited about life and their future, it has engaged them and their self esteem has improved tremendously! They learn and discuss important subjects that will prepare them to make important decisions in their future and create civil, respectful and responsible human beings.
I’m so happy that we made the decision to switch!! 

- Mariana Conde

Dr. Goers took a chance on a young and inexperienced teacher, and mentored me into a confident, knowledgeable and skilled teacher.

- Cameron Umphrey

I love the quality of education. Scholars are expected to work hard in exchange for no homework! We appreciate the promotion of Virtues rather than values.

- Yvette Scott

This [model] is very important to me because without it I wouldn't have been able to grow and become the person I am today. I have had a lot of opportunities to explore my own interests in unique ways.

- Jaida Evans

[My son] thrived, loved it.  I hope you know Dr. Goers made a huge impact in his life.  He learned so much more from you in a year,  than he did in his previous schools. I thank you for that.

- Jen Juneau

- Barbara Ruiz

The Transformation Classical Model has afforded our son the ability to experience a rigorous public education in the classical tradition, without overtaking our family time because of homework.

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