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Home Education

Individual Home Education

Education Transformed understands that parents more and more are wanting to home educate their students, but are not sure where to even begin the process. With millions of resources available, it is hard to choose what option may be best for each family. This is where Education Transformed's team can help!

Our services help you navigate the specific type of curriculum you desire for your home, and how to best obtain those resources. We also will help you develop curriculum plans for each month, so that you can ensure your student(s) is progressing appropriately through their grade. Nervous about creating a report card or transcript? We help you with that too!

Essentially, if any family wants to home educate their student(s), Education Transformed will assist in creating in the foundational necessities for a successful homeschool.

Group Homeschool/Co-Op Education

If you are interested in homeschooling but also want your student to participate in group learning or activities, a co-op is a great community tool! In a co-op, homeschooling families gather for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to have specific group lessons or to engage in social activities. Education Transformed can help you design your personal co-op!

Supplemental Education

If your student needs additional support in specific areas of study, Education Transformed can provide specialized teachers to assist in further instruction of materials.

If you are interested in either of these options, Contact Us and we'll schedule a consultation to help you get going on a better education for your student!

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