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Teacher Training

The field of education requires teachers to be well versed in content, pedagogy, and cutting edge methodologies. As experts in the field with over 40 years of experience, Education Transformed is able to bring relevant content into the classroom to help empower teachers to be the best in their profession.

Education Transformed understands that every school and parent are unique in their educational delivery and expectations, therefore, all services are personalized to each school or family. Please contact us to find out how Education Transformed can assist you!


Content Training

Educators need to be masters of the classroom as far as management and policies and procedures, however teachers are less confident in all these elements when they are not confident in the content. EDT takes teachers through their assigned content to train them in the specifics of their discipline. Most teachers that have education degrees can quickly master content, however those who are new to the profession, of those taking on new sections or content will often need support.

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Data Use Training

Most teachers are familiar with the required assessments in their schools and states. However, few take the data from the assessments and analyze it to guide their instructional practice. Assessments do not guide content, but do guide pedagogy. Training teachers to use their data to differentiate in the classroom is the objective of data use training. Designing elements of instruction that address weaknesses of the student body and relating them directly to the content of the curriculum is a key and essential skill.

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Differentiation in and of itself is extremely difficult. Understanding how to teach to the entire class and then execute differentiated practice is a skill that takes practice and time. Once a teacher has a class of students and is aware of which of them are SPED/504/ or Advanced Learners, then the true artistry begins. It is the educator’s responsibility to teach all children, not just those who are behind. Learning the skills of preparing for all the levels in the classroom is the object of this training. EDT works with teachers to personalize their classroom experience based on their class, or if training in groups, teachers are given a sample class to prepare lessons for all levels.

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Classroom Management Training

Classroom management consists of the policies, procedures, and management of the actual space of the classroom. Everything from how to employ students in classroom “jobs”, passing out papers, setting up daily routines, lining up for leaving the classroom, etc. Best practices and years of experience allow EDT experts to offer a plethora of suggestions that teachers may choose from, especially when setting up their own classroom for the first time.

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Classroom Culture

Classroom culture is often defined by administration and the overall school culture and expectations. Once students are in the classroom it can be a challenge for teachers to continue that culture throughout the school day. EDT works with administrators and teachers to develop a culture of respect, honor, excellence, friendship, wonder, moderation, responsibility, justice, prudence, and wonder. Intertwining these virtues with the curricula is an art that all teachers need to master. Engaging virtue internally in students can be done via the culture set by the teacher in the classroom from the very start.



Once a teacher has taught five to seven years in the classroom, he or she may be ready to take on leadership responsibilities to benefit the student body and school. Understanding how various clubs, organizations, and competitions can put a school “on the map” is important for administrators and teachers alike. It is the responsibility of the administrator to know teachers well enough to determine where the best fit would be. Teachers must be developed in leadership to be able to run a club, direct a play, lead a choir, or run a sports team. Certain activities require specific certification, NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). Along with the actual activity the teacher would like to develop, he or she needs specific leadership skills to work with students and parents.

Leadership also needs to be developed within the school community for the benefit of the teachers. Teacher leaders need to be able to time manage their own classroom so that they can add responsibilities of training and leading other teachers. Building teams and working collaboratively are important skills for the teacher leader. Knowing what his or her leadership style is, and how to lead peers is a substantial element in being a successful leader. EDT puts teachers through leadership seminars and workshops to develop their natural leadership skills to benefit their school community.

What Our Mentees Say

Margaret Walsh, Learning Specialist

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Dr. Goers brings her expertise and 40+ years of experience to her consideration of the best direction to guide curriculum development and school culture. She assesses the concerns of the teachers, the needs of the students based on testing scores and knows how to bridge the gaps in knowledge in the curriculum. Her direction in curriculum has been invaluable and extends beyond literacy to a full knowledge of the overarching curriculum and the goals that need to be achieved in classical education.
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