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Founder & CEO

Dr. Goers and Mrs. Donnelson successfully stood up the first classical charter school using the Transformational Classical Model. Jointly they provided training and support for all staff members while generating a culture of respect and personal responsibility. Dr. Goers and Mrs. Donnelson spent nine years on the vision and mission for a local charter school and are now offering their expertise as a team to the state of Utah and beyond. Dr. Goers has extensive experience in public, private and homeschool venues. Mrs. Donnelson has extensive experience in administration and legal policies and procedures. Together, Dr. Goers and Mrs. Donnelson are a proven team of producing excellent educational standards, along with administrative solidarity.

For more information, see their complete bios below.


Dr. Susan Goers

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

An educator and administrator for over 40 years, Dr. Goers has in depth experience teaching and designing curriculum for the classical education model. Born, raised, and educated in New York State, Dr. Goers had the privilege of attending highly ranked elementary and high schools, as well as Nazareth College of Rochester for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Religious Studies. She then attended Brockport State University and Western Governors University for Master’s Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and earned her Doctoral Degree in Transformational Leadership from Concordia University.  In March, 2015 she traveled to Finland and Sweden to experience education firsthand with her dissertation cohort and decided to bring those elements to the US. Dr. Goers has long aspired to design and start a school focused on family values, core virtues, excellence, and successful purposeful living for graduated students. In 2018, Dr. Goers opened this school in northern Utah; Capstone Classical Academy was her fifteen year project and vision. Capstone Classical Academy was open for 2 years and received numerous awards for its academic excellence. While engaging in this venture, Dr. Goers realized the need for training and providing excellent education was difficult within the confines of the state education system, and therefore Education Transformed was established. 

Dr. Goers has taught all grades except kindergarten and specialized in Language and Science in the upper grades, as well as teaching philosophy, psychology, and forensics for many years. She was the administrator and developer of Ornament of Grace Homeschool Chapter of  New York LEAH organization for 15 years and provided curriculum training for parents as well as administrative duties and assessments. During her tenure, Dr. Goers has served as Curriculum Director, Assessment Director and Teacher Leader Trainer in a number of public and private schools. She was also an Engagement Review Lead for Cognia Accreditation throughout the United States and worked  part time for Western Governors University as a Clinical Supervisor for new rising teachers.


Among many other accolades Dr. Goers was honored to be the 2011 Utah Charter School Educator of the Year.  Throughout the years she has earned awards in the areas of Science (NASA sponsored teachers), Math (Raytheon Math Hero), English (nationally published students in poetry and prose), and Forensics (nationally placing students in speech and debate). Dr. Goers is a current member of a number of professional organizations, among them are AMLE (Association for Middle Level Education), NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Math), AAE (Association of American Educators), ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), and AAUW( American Association of University Women).

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Mrs. Brittni Donnelson, MBA

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

With over 18 years experience in administration, non-profits, and education, Mrs. Donnelson's expertise is extremely versatile in business and education. Raised in private education in Ogden, Utah and having completed her business degrees at Western Governors University, Mrs. Donnelson understands the need for excellent education and the benefits of the Classical Model.

Mrs. Donnelson has worked alongside Dr. Goers for 10 years and has assisted in the implementation of the Transformational Classical Model. Working first as a founding board member and then Assistant Director, Mrs. Donnelson assisted Dr. Goers in erecting Capstone Classical Academy. Further, Mrs. Donnelson has served on several Cognia Accreditation teams with Dr. Goers and is ELEOT certified.


She holds a masters degree in Business Administration and bachelors degree in Business Management from Western Governor's University, and certifications in Non-Profit Management and Grant Writing, Paralegal, Technical Writing. Mrs. Donnelson also maintains her Utah State Notary and Utah State Archives Records Officer licenses. Mrs. Donnelson received the Utah State Charter School Employee of the Month Award in May 2019, and the Employee Responsibility Award from Capstone Classical Academy.

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