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About Education Transformed

Education Transformed was founded by Dr. Susan Goers and Brittni Donnelson in response to the educational decline of true classical and American education and pedagogy throughout the United States. Using Dr. Goers’ Transformational Classical Model ©, Education Transformed has been successful in assisting parents and education professionals with the learning development of scholars through rigorous curriculum, virtuous character instruction, and adaptation to varying circumstantial needs. The Education Transformed team has provided private education, microschools, pods, and blended learning environments all accomplishing the singular goal of restoring critical thinking skills, virtuous character, and a passion for learning built upon a solid foundation of knowledge into the coming generations.

Meet the Team

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CEO & Founder

Dr. Susan Goers

View Dr. Goers' complete bio HERE.

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COO & Founder

Brittni Donnelson, MBA

View Mrs. Donnelson's complete bio HERE.

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