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Dr. Susan Goers has witnessed the decline in American education, traditional American values, and the acceptance of mediocrity amongst the nation’s young adults. It became her passion and desire to be a part of a movement that would radically transform and inspire America’s youth, and assist in developing the leaders of tomorrow by instilling the precepts of wisdom, service and honor. 

Embedded in her model are traditions of classical education, Latin, Logic and Rhetoric, Communications, the Bible in History and Literature, speech and debate, and the Constitution. Scholars also understand and practice core virtues such as responsibility, friendship, wonder, prudence, courage, moderation, excellence, and justice. The Transformational Classical Model© joins instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue with a rigorous curriculum, thereby restoring scholars to traditional American virtues and liberty.

Through proper education, America’s young adults can be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to revive their nation that was founded on conservative principles of capitalism, empowered liberty, limited government, and American virtues. Dr. Goers and her team will not cease to ensure that America’s youth are educated and equipped to be excellent citizens for generations to come.

If your vision and desire is to see America restored to its founding principles of liberty, justice and freedom, then join Dr. Goers in transforming America’s young adults. As the next leaders of this great nation, now is the time to invest in their futures. Now is the time to commit to helping educate scholars in their responsibilities as American citizens. Now is the time to commit to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders the nation needs in the future.


Restore America and make it great again, by committing to educate, empower and equip America’s young adults to become the next virtuous and conservative generation.

Our Team

The Passion Behind the Business


Dr. Susan Goers

Founder & CEO


Brittni Donnelson

Co-Founder & COO

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