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Educational Options

In the current educational environment there are more options available to parents than ever before. With states passing legislation to allow parents to utilize their tax funding to educate their students in the way that they see fit. Home education, blended education, and total online options are now available to access.


Education Transformed understands that parents more and more are wanting to home educate their students, but are not sure where to even begin the process. With millions of resources available, it is hard to choose what option may be best for each family. This is where Education Transformed's team can help!

Education Transformed provides opportunities for families to engage in the unique experience of blended education. This type of education is home education that has additional licensed educators teaching subjects that parents desire. For example, if Geometry is not a subject that a parent feels comfortable teaching, and does not want their student learning through an online resource, the family can hire a licensed Geometry teacher from Education Transformed to help!

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