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No matter what style of instruction you want for your student, Education Transformed can help ensure they receive the best. Or if you are a professional educator and need additional support, our team can help.

Schedule a 15 minute free consultation with us now and discover the great opportunities for your student!



Get to know our Founding Team!

Learn why Dr. Goers and

Mrs. Donnelson are passionate about supporting parents in ensuring their student(s) receives an excellent education! Schedule a time to connect with us!

Education Options

Determine the best education for your student

Private School

Private, 501(c)3 based education, funded by tuition and philanthropic individuals, driven by a Board of Directors and inspired by the local community.

Charter School

Public, 501(c)3 based education, authorized and funded by the State Board of Education, and governed by the school Board of Directors.

Micro or Homeschool

Private, home or local building based education, inspired, driven, and conducted by parents or on site professionals.


Professional Educators

Education Transformed is an incredible resource for administrators and educators! Credentialed in various trainings, expertise in pedagogy, and extensive experience in school culture, our team can provide support, training, and assistance to meet all your professional development needs.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to determine how Education Transformed can assist you!

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