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Transformational Classical Model

Education for Scholars

Scholars in this model are educated in the precepts of a true and thorough classical education. Scholars study the beginnings of western civilization, the importance of the Greeks and their contributions to Society as well as the relationship between the Greek and Roman civilizations and the founding of America. All scholars will be educated in the written and spoken word with classical curriculum in classroom settings. Rhetoric, Constitution, Logic, and Bible classes round out the classical curriculum. Throughout the learning process a scholar is expected to advocate for themselves and their education. Any concepts that are not fully understood need to be brought to the attention of the  mentor by the scholar.

The Transformational Classical Model © employs this rigorous curriculum to master standards, while empowering scholars to build their knowledge base in such a way as to become a profitable member of society by being a critical thinker and to discover his or her God given gifts and talents. Scholars are expected to take personal and academic risks to understand and challenge their own personal abilities. The Grammar, Logic, and Rhetorical stages of the trivium and quadrivium are preserved through the study of classical literature, cursive writing, and unadulterated history. 

Finally in the Transformational Classical Model ©,  the family plays a vital role in being successful due to their being the primary educators of their children in the home. To support this element, the TCM© incorporates a no homework policy, employing only simple practice for the elementary foundations, training scholars to work an eight hour day and produce product during that time. After academy hours are dedicated to family enrichment and activity.

Incorporating schole, a ten minute journaling in the morning and the afternoon to solidify learning for scholars that they can share at home with family. The term “schole” is actually where we get our word “school” . It means to think in a leisurely way. It allows your mind to relax and process information that you have gained without rushing to the next subject.

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