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Dr. Susan Goers

A lifetime learner, pursuing excellence in education and continuing to challenge the status quo by courageously developing professionals and students in American liberties and foundational virtues.

Annie H.

Dr. Goers is an exceptionally hardworking, intentional, generous and knowledgeable mentor.
Dr. Goers has been instrumental in the successful implementation of several key programs that impact our campus. I can think of no leader in our organization more worthy of recognition and emulation than Dr. Goers.

Margaret W.

[Dr. Goers] brings her expertise and 40+ years of experience to her consideration of the best direction to guide curriculum development and school culture. She assess the concerns of the teachers, the needs of the students based on testing scores and knows how to bridge the gaps in knowledge in the curriculum.
Dr. Goers is a joy to work with. She demonstrates courage, prudence and perseverance.

Dayna M.

Dr. Goers modeled an amazing work ethic and cares deeply for the success of her students. It was through her guidance and teaching that helped me to achieve the title of inaugural valedictorian of Dr. Goers' school. With Dr. Goers' guidance, I have found my true north on my moral compass, and I know how t fight for my ethics and beliefs.

Brittni D.

Dr. Goers is the rare leader who has the extraordinary capability to not only be a visionary, but also execute the vision. Her servant leadership encourages and supports all individuals to strive for excellence. Not only has she impacted hundreds of students lives, but she has also mentored hundreds of educational professionals. The impact on education that Dr. Goers has had in her 40+ years will continue to impact generations to come.
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