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Brittni Donnelson, MBA

COO & Educator



Masters Business Administration

Western Governors University

B.S. Business Management

Western Governors University

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A Bit About Me

Throughout my life I have always strived to serve and fight for those in need. From very early on in life I have always been involved in supporting others and the community around me. As a high schooler who volunteered on the school board and other school administrative positions, I desired to ensure that students had a voice and were ensured an excellent education by the decisions and actions of those leading us. This passion continued into my college and early adult life as I mentored young women, volunteered in local girls' sports, and was involved in community events. Additionally, I was able to fulfill this passion in the various career positions I have held such as a personal injury paralegal, 504 small business lending associate, and administrative educational roles.

I have been extremely blessed throughout my life with the opportunities to use my God-given talents in analyzation, organization, and administration for the benefit of my passion in the legal and educational fields. While each career path presented its own challenges, all have brought me to this incredible organization of Education Transformed. Together, Dr. Goers and I have been able to use our skill sets to assist parents in providing an excellent education to their students. Whether parents desired a homeschool structure, a microschool structure, or private or charter school; Dr. Goers and I have been blessed to assist parents in the design, development, and implementation of all educational options.

In any way that I am able to support parents and students in their educational journey to gain wisdom and knowledge and become productive citizens of the United States of America, I strive to do so without compromising to the ever changing societal norms. 

Work Experience

COO & Founder

Executive Assistant

Founder, COO, & Educator

Assistant Director & Registrar

Legal Strategist


Administrative Assistant

Executive Assistant

Education Transformed

2020 - Present

Western Governors University School of Education

2022- Present

American Cavalier Academy

2020 - 2022

Capstone Classical Academy


MiCARE Network


Feller & Wendt


Western Coating


Intermountain Business Lending


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