Transformational Leadership

Training for Educators

Using Dr. Goers' Transformational Classical Model ©, the Education Transformed team will train and equip administrators, teachers, and staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide excellent education while instilling leadership skills for the future.

The first component by the Transformational Classical Model © , is the depicted diagram identifying the duties for all involved in the strategic plan and development and implementation of the TCM © education. A Board of Directors will regularly assess each of the areas listed based on a mastery model similarly to the mastery model implemented with the scholars.

The Quality of Instruction will be measured based on the quality of the mentors and instructors, the instruction that they offer, to the scholars and the curriculum and assessments that are used. The Quality of Relationships will be measured by how the scholars and staff view relationships in all aspects of the  educational institution. The Quality of Learning environment will be measured by how well the facilities meet the needs, the financials of the school, and the culture and climate of the school.