American Cavalier Academy
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The Cavalier Story.....

 Many have heard the story of the Classical Academy that existed in Pleasant View, Utah. Once the charter was dissolved there were still parents and scholars who desired a thorough classical education with strong rigor in reading, math, and sciences. Scholars who were hooked on courses like Rhetoric, Logic, and  Communications, banned together with their parents to begin their journey with homeschooling their scholars. Most parents worked, so the group recruited Mrs. Donnelson and Dr. Goers along with some of the past teachers who had time to come and help, Mrs. Bentley, Mrs. Tinkey, Mr. Cross, to name a few. We were blessed with a year of teaching face to face, mask free in our own space. It wasn't how we would have thought it would be, but nonetheless scholars learned and we moved forward in our content. This coming year (2021-2022) we are taking one step further in our journey and starting a small private community school. When we don't have licensed teachers to teach content, we will lean on parents who have taught before, or experts in the community. We are already blessed with a solid core of teachers, (see the teachers and tutors tab) All teachers will be mentored under Dr. Goers for professional development and continuity in grading, assignments, and the like. We hope that if you value a classical education, you will consider joining us in this new venture. Please email for more information: info@americancavalier.org


For Tuition costs, and teaching opportunities please contact us.