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American Cavalier Academy

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What is a Private Education Association (PEA)?

A Private Education Association is a private member association for the purpose of education that establishes its own operating guidelines and is not under the jurisdiction of the state, local, or federal government's law or regulations.

In other words, ACA is a private school that is not required to follow any past, current or future government mandates that are not deemed appropriate. American Cavalier Academy operates under the Constitutional Liberties the United States of American was founded.

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What sets ACA apart from other schools?

American Cavalier Academy is not only founded in the United States of America Constitutional Liberties, it is also rooted in the classics. ACA's courses include: literature, Rhetoric, Bible, traditional maths and sciences, writing, history (not altered), Constitution, Prudence and Chivalry and more! 

Scholars at American Cavalier Academy are immersed in deep and rigorous content. Critical thinking is a constant, and engaged learning is continuous. The goal of ACA is to graduate scholars with foundational knowledge and drive to be educated and active citizens in their communities.

American Cavalier Academy proudly educates K-12

If you are interested in joining our main campuses in Weber County, are interested in our satellite campus in Davis County, or want to discuss a new satellite in your county, please contact info@americancavlaier.org